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I Met Your Mom Today

I met your mom today. Your grandma, your sister, your aunt, your daughter. Your friend. She told me about her troubles and how she lost her way. She spoke of how things used to be and how she wants to get back closer to you. She told me of the things she's afraid of and introduced me to one of her frequent companions. I've met them before and know their names too well. Delusions are not nice to her so we ignored them today. She told me of the things she's grateful for. She was grateful for the meal we shared but thought she didn't deserve it. She was grateful for the flip flops that now cushioned her swollen feet. Such a kind hearted lady. I offered her more, a blanket that she absolutely refused to take. It was too much for her she said. She wanted it to go to someone else who needed it, deserved it more. No matter what I told her, how much I tried to convince her that it was made just for her, she refused. She, a homeless lady, begged me to take it back. She, who had nothing, wanted me to take it back and sell it to have money for my family. A family she's never heard of or met. But I know hers. She spoke of you. She misses you. I could see it in her eyes when she talked of how she'd see you soon. I wondered how long it had been. But I was afraid to ask. I could tell she's been "gone" for awhile. Her skin dark and leathery. Her hair unkempt and feet hardened.

I'd like to tell you that she's doing well. But really she's not. She's anxious yet hesitant to talk. She's still hungry, (for pizza). She's a bit unsure and seems a little lost. She's fearful yet faithful. She still has hope. That I could tell when she prayed. This lady who had nothing, prayed for others. She prayed for me. She prayed for you.

Your loved one that I met today, though others were not kind to her, who confused her and made her sad, she's holding on. Today though, today she had me. She had others who help me to show her that she's not forgotten, that we see her, we care.

For a moment, today, she smiled.

I met your mom today. My mom too.

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